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6th MDG implements Electronic Medical Record for patients

Maj. Louis Ferrucci
6th Medical Operations Squadron

Since August, the 6th Medical Group has been implementing an advanced computer system to create the electronic medical record. The EMR has significant value, as it provides comprehensive documentation of all your medical care in a portable, legible format for every Department of Defense medical facility.

As one of the first Air Force facilities to implement the EMR, Team MacDill is on the leading edge of this technology. In order to minimize disruption of patient care, we have designed a plan to optimize medical provider time with each patient while learning the new system and creating the EMR with each appointment. With our staff becoming more proficient each day, we advance toward the Tri-Service goal of an EMR.

As with other visionary goals, such as financial and health goals, implementation of the EMR requires commitment to a plan and an initial "investment." Our implementation plan calls for a ramp-up period for each provider with the initial investment being fewer available appointments for a short period. During the ramp-up schedule, the provider will have fewer appointments to ensure each appointment includes sufficient time to render patient care and document it electronically.

More appointments will be added gradually over the five-week ramp-up period, as the provider becomes more proficient with the EMR. Implementation will be staggered among the providers within each clinic so that half will resume a full schedule by the end of October, with the remainder in ramp-up through November.

Although fewer appointments will be available for the next two months and access to your provider may be more challenging, the quality of care during your appointment will not be compromised.

We are committed to delivering compassionate health care to all beneficiaries and their families and to supporting the best air mobility wing in the Air Force and our mission partners throughout the installation. We appreciate your patience as we continue our journey towards matching that compassionate, quality health care with a state-of-the-art electronic medical record.



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