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Action Line

Q: I just drove into the Base Hospital to find it closed. There are no signs explaining the reason for the closure. Apparently it is a training day. Can you tell me why nobody was notified the hospital would be closed?

A: On the day mentioned the facility was closed, along with much of the base, as part of Air Mobility Command's Fitness and Training Day. Driving a long distance to find the facility closed, especially without explanation, would frustrate me as well and I offer you my sincerest apology. We typically notify base personnel of service closure through several different avenues like the Thunderbolt, e-mail and Channel 19, but we realize off-base beneficiaries do not have the same access to these media.

In response to your call, we have posted the dates of planned closures for the entire calendar year on entrances to the facility and will update them as necessary to help our customers plan ahead. Also, individual services/clinics will post announcements in their respective sections to keep patients informed and we will ensure the call-in line is updated more frequently with closure info so you can be updated before you make the drive. Finally, we will post "closed" signs on exterior doors on the actual dates of closure.

Our Medical Group strives to provide the best patient care available to all beneficiaries: active duty, Guard and Reserve, retirees and family members. I hope you agree that these measures will help us in that pursuit and add to the already great care and service provided by the group.

-Col. Maggie Woodward
6th Air Mobility Wing

The Action Line provides two-way communication between the commander, 6th Air Mobility Wing, and the MacDill community. A 24-hour recording service is provided so all personnel may submit questions, concerns or comments. Call the Action Line at 828-INFO (4636).



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