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Construction traffic patterns to change

The planned construction at the Dale Mabry gate will include shelter for Security Forces troops.

Photos by Staff Sgt. Randy Redman

You can expect traffic patterns to change over the next few months with the construction at the main gates.

The base now has six inbound traffic lanes for the morning rush hour, three at Dale Mabry, one at MacDill Avenue and two at Bayshore Boulevard. Five lanes will remain open at all times during the construction but their location will vary as the project progresses.

Starting in September, one of two lanes at the Bayshore gate will be closed for about two weeks. The other lane will be closed for a similar period. During rush hours (5:30 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 6 p.m.), traffic lanes will be designated inbound or outbound to maximize traffic flow. Through September, the Bayshore gate will be closed during off-peak hours and traffic will be rerouted to the MacDill gate. After September, the Bayshore gate will resume normal hours. Traffic lanes at Dale Mabry and MacDill will be unaffected.

After the Bayshore gate is complete, the work will shift to Dale Mabry in October. First the west (currently inbound) lanes will be closed while the roadway is widened and a gate canopy is erected. Work in this area will take about three months through Jan. 1. During that time, the east lanes (current outbound) will be designated one inbound and one outbound lane. Once the canopy is erected, traffic will be shifted to allow construction on the east lanes. Inbound and outbound traffic will be routed through the new gate. Construction at Dale Mabry is projected to be complete by March.

Out bound traffic at all gates will be similarly routed for evening rush hour.

During the construction period be alert to changes in traffic patterns. During rush hours traffic lanes will be re-designated to maximize traffic flow.

It may sound confusing, but it is really not. Traffic cones and barriers plus new marking on the road will be in place to direct traffic smoothly and safely through the gates.




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