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Thank you Team MacDill

by Col. Margaret Woodward
6th Air Mobility Wing commander

I want to thank Team MacDill, the local community and our air fest sponsors for the tremendous success of Air Fest 2005, which attracted a crowd of more than 350,000.

Throughout the week, from our security forces augmentees, to the air fest planning committee and everybody in between, I was so proud to see the positive attitudes, professionalism and dedication to hosting one of the premier air shows in the country.

The security forces detail for this year's air fest included more than 600 personnel each day from different squadrons across the wing. This highly effective force of defenders was diligent and thorough in its various jobs, making air fest safe and enjoyable for all in attendance.

Another group that ensured our safety during air fest was the outstanding medical staff that monitored the crowd and quickly handled any medical emergencies. The team treated more than 100 visitors who required medical attention and used five mobile response carts to actively search for individuals in need of medical care. Their observant and quick response ensured the safety of our guests was our top priority.

I also witnessed several of MacDill's finest ensuring safety and offering assistance to our thousands of visitors. From politely asking visitors to put out cigarettes, to giving directions, to asking visitors if they were enjoying the show, I was truly impressed by your enthusiastic attitudes. Our air fest visitors were so honored and proud to attend the show and to get the opportunity to interact with all of you. I saw several visitors asking military members for autographs and photographs; this was a great example of how strong the bond between MacDill and the greater Tampa Bay community is.

Air Fest 2005 would not have been possible without the hard work of each and every member of Team MacDill. I thank you for making our air show one of the best in the Department of Defense. Thanks again and keep up the great work!



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