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Uniform change reflects a wing at war

by 2nd Lt. Larry van der Oord
Chief of Internal Information


Beginning Monday, the men and women of the 6th Air Mobility Wing will start sporting battle dress uniforms to work.

The transition from wearing "blues" to BDUs on a daily basis will help show the wing's warrior spirit during a time in which our military is engaged in conflicts around the world.

"We are a wing at war and our uniforms should reflect that," said Col. Margaret Woodward, 6th AMW commander. "We will be in battle dress uniforms while executing our mission."

With such a high operations tempo at MacDill, wearing BDUs is just one simple way to show the wing's dedicated participation in the Global War on Terrorism.

However, the switch to BDUs does not mean that blues will completely disappear from the wing.

The monthly wing recognition ceremonies, usually held the last Friday of each month, will serve as "Wing Blues Day."

Wearing blues once a month will help 6th AMW personnel continue to recognize their heritage and display their Air Force pride.

Since many members of the wing do not wear utility uniforms on a regular basis, there are a few important rules to remember when the transition takes effect.

BDUs should always be clean and neat, and wearing BDUs is not an opportunity to hide one's lack of physical fitness.

BDUs and flight suits cannot be worn to establishments that primarily serve alcohol or to eat meals at restaurants where people wear business attire, such as a coat and tie or sport coats. However, BDUs are authorized when eating lunch where people wear comparable civilian attire, and also for quick in and out convenience stops.

Servicemembers should remember to practice common sense when attending functions off base. Wear the appropriate uniform in line with civilian attendees, and plan ahead by bringing appropriate uniform combinations from home in case you need to change.

Proper wear of uniforms on and off base is imperative to all members of the wing. Military professionals must uphold the image of the Air Force by looking sharp in all uniforms.




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