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Customs and courtesies

by 2nd Lt. Larry van der Oord
Chief of Internal Information

The distinguished visitor and staff cars are easy to spot with placards like this one clearly displayed on the vehicle.


Home to U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command and over 50 other mission partners, MacDill is one military installation that always seems to be in the spotlight.

Every year MacDill plays host to hundreds of distinguished visitors, and there are general officers that can be seen around base every day. With so many high-profile visitors and high-ranking residents on base, it's important to always practice the proper customs and courtesies.

One of the most visible customs is the practice of saluting ranking officers. It's easy to remember to salute when walking past someone, but one practice that is often neglected is rendering a salute to staff cars around base.

Pay attention to the vehicles that pass you on the street while walking on base.

The bottom line is simple: if you see stars or eagles in or on a vehicle, make sure to render the appropriate salute.

Maintaining a professional image is an important part of military life, so ensure to do your part by saluting properly and practicing all customs and courtesies.




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