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Annual Mattar Relay honors fallen

Education dedication

Photo by Airman 1st Class Melissa Padilla

The “Book a week Room” was dedicated in honor of Virginia LaBrot at the Education Center Tuesday. Mrs. LaBrot has dedicated her life to teaching.


Lt. Col. George Mattar, a Citadel alumni and former Joint Communications Support Element commander, was killed on Jan. 13, 1982 when his flight, Florida Airlines No. 90, crashed into the waters of the Potomac River. Aboard this flight were 74 passengers, of which only six survived. Also killed were Maj. Ralph Herman, JCSE's Chief of Operations, and Sergeant Major James Dixon.

In commemoration, JCSE sponsors an annual relay race for all military units, DoD employees and military affiliates in the Greater Tampa Bay area.

Nov. 22 marks the 25th Annual Mattar Relay to honor Colonel Mattar. The race will be held from 8 to 10 a.m. The course entails a 13.7-mile route, which begins and ends at the JCSE headquarters building located at 8532 Marina Bay Drive.

The field consists of a maximum of 30 teams; each team is comprised of no more than 14 personnel. Team members are staged at one-mile intervals along the route. JCSE conducts the race in a relay fashion with each team member passing a baton to the next runner at each one-mile point marked along the route. The last runner will run seven tenths of a mile and finish at the JCSE Headquarters Bldg. All team members should report to JCSE 45 minutes before the start time in order to pick up T-shirts and team numbers.

First and second place finishers in each division will receive a team trophy as well as an individual trophy. The three divisions are:

1. Military-Only Competitive Division

2. Women-Only Division

3. Open Division (Includes military, civilians and dependents)

Early registration ends today, however, late registration will be held Tuesday to Wednesday and includes an additional $15 fee per team. Early registration is recommended because the field is limited to 30 teams. Please contact Tech. Sgt. Lucas at extension 828-0774 or 0524 to sign-up or Staff Sgt. Kirk Williams at extension 828-0632 or 2073 for more information. The members of JCSE look forward to your support and participation. (Courtesy of JCSE)



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