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Floating checks will soon be history


LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Va. -- "Check floaters" beware. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service will start to electronically process checks in January.

Now, instead of taking up to three days, the check may process instantly or in one day. The move is so the exchange service complies with "Check 21" legislation.

"Checks will be processed electronically before being mailed to their respective banks," said Melanie Boshaw, Langley exchange store manager. "That means any amount on a check will be taken from a customer's account the very next day."

A person floats a check when he or she writes one for a purchase without having the actual amount in their accounts - and using the typical three-day processing time to get paid or move funds to cover it. Now, check writers must have the funds in their account or their check will bounce.

Electronic processing is cost-efficient since there is an automatic payment for each purchase.

With the new system in effect, money-management becomes a necessity rather than a recommendation for customers. Now people must actually have funds in their accounts if they want to make a purchase. (Courtesy of Air Force Print News)



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