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New base housing ready for residents

Photo by Staff Sgt. Randy Redman

The snap, crackle pop you hear in the air is not the electricity from a summer storm. It is the excitement generated by families who have been notified they are going to be residents in Liberty Cove.

The first phase of the new, 76-unit development, Liberty Cove, has been released for occupancy. Liberty Cove, just south of McLelland Avenue, adds 24 junior enlisted and 52 senior enlisted houses to MacDill's inventory. These units will be released for residency between now and the end of September as the contractor completes them.

Occupancy is being filled from the waiting list; currently consisting of off-base members and members in Wherry housing. Members must have one year retention at MacDill in order to qualify for the new units.

If you are not on the waiting list and are interested in base housing, you can file an application at the Housing Office, Bldg 496. A copy of orders showing assignment to MacDill and if dependents are not listed, a DD93, must accompany your application. Any questions about eligibility may be addressed by calling housing at 828-3166. (Courtesy of 6th Civil Engineer Squadron)



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