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Political and commercial activity policy during Air Fest

by Col. Margaret Woodward
6th Air Mobility Wing commander

MacDill will host Air Fest 2005 April 9 and 10. Air shows highlight the Air Force mission, traditions and heritage.

We are very excited to welcome the public back to MacDill for the show.

I would like to address the policy on prohibited political and commercial activity to ensure the security of the base and mission accomplishment during Air Fest.

Air Fest will be open to the public. Participating groups in Air Fest will be only those which are consistent with the purpose of the air show. MacDill personnel will be permitted to limit the exercise of expression such as speeches, brochures and displays in an objective matter, and to remove demonstrators, picketers and pamphleteers from the base whose presence would otherwise detract from or disturb the day's planned activities.

I also want to remind everyone of the rules on distributing printed or written material on Air Force Installations. No one may distribute or post any printed or written material, other than official government agency or base-regulated activity publications, or attempt to conduct fund raising activities within an Air Force installation without the permission of the installation commander or her designee.

MacDill is a closed military installation. Closed military installations are not characterized as public forums for the exercise of First Amendment rights. Air shows are not a traditional military activity but do not change the installation into an open forum.

Air Fest is not to be used as a political or commercial forum. If you have any questions, contact Lt. Col. Diane Behler at the legal office at 828-9289.




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