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6th AMW gov/travel card holders take note

Personal information of some at MacDill may have been compromised

by Nick Stubbs
Thunderbolt staff writer

If you hold a government travel card, "keep you eyes and ears open" for anything funny regarding your accounts, government and personal. Those are the words of caution from 2nd Lt. Carol Carver, who is the coordinator of the travel card program at MacDill.

The concern is over nearly a million names of DoD employees possibly compromised when a data tape at Bank of America turned up missing recently. It is not known if the tape was stolen, said Lieutenant Carver, but since it can't be found, the worst has to remain a possibility.

"So far so good," she said, noting there have been no reports of problems or fraudulent use of personal or government accounts. But that doesn't mean the ordeal is over and vigilance should be maintained. Those holding travel cards should have been contacted by Bank of America if their names were on the missing tape. Those concerned and who want to make sure, can call Bank of America at 800-493-8444.

Lieutenant Carver said she received a list of everyone in the Wing who was on the missing tape and she has passed the list on to the various groups and squadrons on base. She said some members of Special Operations Command and Central Command may be on the list, as well, but the Wing is not responsible for their accounts and members of either command should go through their command channels to determine if there is a problem.

For now it is wait and see, she said. The bigger concern is not misuse of travel card accounts, she noted, but theft of personal information by identity thieves.

"If a travel card is being used fraudulently it is easily corrected," she said. "What people need to watch out for is identity theft and their personal accounts and information."

Lieutenant Carver said she has not been informed about the extent of personal information that may have been compromised but said it is known that Social Security numbers were on the tapes. Social Security numbers are essential for those seeking to assume another person's identity.

Anyone who suspects anything out of the ordinary with their government or personal accounts should immediately contact Bank of America at the above number and their Agency Program Coordinator.

"As time goes by we'll know more," said Lieutenant Carver, who said it could be a case of the tapes being misplaced. "At this point all they are saying is it (the tape) is presumed lost."




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