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Annual drinking water quality report is available for base

by Col. Robert A. Williamson
6th Medical Operations Squadron commander

MacDill’s water is safe to drink and the drinking water system meets state and federal standards.

Courtesy photo

MacDill's annual drinking water report is now available. The report, called a Consumer Confidence Report provides information about drinking water quality at the base. In addition, because MacDill obtains all of its drinking water from the City of Tampa, the report also provides information on the quality of water that the city provides to us.

MacDill’s water is safe to drink and the drinking water system meets state and federal standards. MacDill is committed to providing a safe and dependable supply of drinking water and want all personnel to be informed about our water system and the quality of water delivered each day. The CCR includes this information.

The CCR will be provided to all facility managers and mailed to all units on base that purchased water from MacDill during 2004. The report will also be posted on the MacDill AFB intraweb site, http://intraweb.macdill.af.mil/products.htm and the 6th Medical Group's Web page, http://intraweb.macdill.af.mil/6mg/default.htm. A base wide e-mail also will be sent out to inform base personnel that the report has been published. Personnel without access to a computer or MacDill's Web page may obtain a copy by calling the Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight at 827-9570.

MacDill is constantly trying to improve the quality of our drinking water so that we always meet water quality standards. In January 2004, there was an exceedance of the total coliform standard in the western portion of the base near the fuel storage facility. Although coliforms are naturally present in the environment and generally not harmful, a notice of this exceedence was sent to MacDill's water system customers after it occurred. Follow-up testing did not reveal the presence of any harmful bacteria in this area or any other portion of the base.

To prevent this from occurring, the 6th Civil Engineer Squadron is implementing numerous water main replacement projects. MacDill’s current work includes replacement of the old leaky and corroded water mains located along Bayshore Boulevard. Additional water main cleaning and replacement is planned for the western portion of the base and in other areas at the end of the fiscal year and into 2006 as more funding becomes available.

If you have any questions regarding drinking water, please contact Staff Sgt. Brian Long, 6th Aeromedical Squadron, at 827-9570 or Michael Harrison, 6 CES, at 828-0458. (Courtesy of 6th AMDS and 6th CES)



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