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Headgear guidelines for military personnel at MacDill

by Nick Stubbs
Thunderbolt staff writer

Hats on; hats off, which hat, where and why?

The rules may seem a bit like playing the "Whack the Mole" carnival game but since the list of places hats may be removed is shorter than the list of places they must be worn, the following list of hats-off locations may be used by Airmen to determine when and where they may safely uncover. All that remains is to remember that at any other time or place, it is lids on.

Regarding the matter of which hat is appropriate, it is at the discretion of commanders. Each may specify a BDU hat or a squadron cap. If the choice is a squadron cap, then Airmen must be provided with the hat at no cost, said Capt. Steven Coffee of the Military Personnel Flight. He advises anyone with questions or needing clarification on hat regulations or other dress issues to check out the MacDill Intranet. Published there is list of regulations and photographs of the various squadron hats along with approved clothing at MacDill:

(PDF file)

Approved no-hat areas


The flightline and flightline apron and ramp to the facility doors facing the flightline. This area extends to building 524 (wash rack storage building) to the squadron operation building number 53. Parking lots and between hangars is not included.

Medical Group

The area between the loading dock facility door of buildings 711, 696 and 715 while performing official duties

The exit from Radiology Section of building 711 to the rear entrance of building 697

The area between Building 711 and Building 719 (Inpatient Records and Third Party Collections)

The covered walkway between the main facility and the Dental Clinic

The covered ambulance bay outside the Emergency Room

Civil Engineer squadron

Within the fenced area of civil engineer facilities buildings P33, P29, P11, P12, 1072, 66, 865, 1050 and 95

Services Squadron

Covered walkway between buildings 65 and 72

Logistics Readiness Squadron

The Fuels Management Flight building 1062 area leading to and including the refueler parking lot

For individuals loading and unloading vehicles including the south side of building 49, outside dock area and parking lot there

The fuels hydrant pump house area buildings 75 and 77

The cryogenics storage area buildings 1067 and 1072

The fuels mobility warehouses including the dock area between buildings 1051 and 1053

Vehicle Operations Compound within the fenced area of building 176

Vehicle Maintenance Compound within the fenced area of Building 500



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